We are having 13 Acre land for bio-composting unit. Firstly press mud generated from sugar factory having 70 % moisture Kept for draying for 01 day and generated Fly Ash & bottom ash (15 MT approx/day), then placed in a proper manner on windrow of 3 m width 1.5 m height & 100-200 m length. Initially Bio-methanated spent wash is spayed only 2000 to 2500 lit/MT press mud & Fly Ash & bottom ash through auto spraying aero tiller machine & addition of decomposing culture 0.4Kg / MT of press mud to stimulate microbial activity. The calculated quantity of Bio-methanated spent wash is to be sprayed of each windrow on ultimate days for 45 days during composting process temp is from 45 C to 75 C and keeping moisture 50-60 % with monitoring PH, temp, & moisture then allowed curing & maturing until moisture reaches to 30 %. The tilling was carried out daily to homogening the press mud, Fly Ash, bottom ash & Bio-methanated spent wash. The press mud, Fly Ash, Bottom ash & Bio-methanated spent wash consumption ratio is archived 2.0 to 2.5 m3 at the end of composting process. During composting organic matter in the raw material to be composted (Press mud Fly Ash, bottom ash & Bio-methanated spent wash) undergoes rapid decomposition. Simple sugars easily degradable, polysaccharides like starch protein, facts nucleic acid and other polymer are first hydrolyzed and then final oxidized end product like CO2, H2O nitrates, Sulphates etc in presence of oxygen & different microorganisms. The result carbon content in the raw material comes down and C:N ratio goes down about 17:1 from origin level of 30:1. The stable end product of this process is a soft spongy dark brown colored matter rich in humus called as Bio compost.