Dairy – Milk Processing Proect

This unit is established in year 2011 and over the period of 4 years it has expanded its area of operation and variety of products exponentially. To have ancillary activities of milk production to the farmers, this division aims to support the farmers below poverty line and improve their financial condition. At present the Dairy Division has got following verities of Milk & it’s by products.

Milk Products

By Products

Out of Milk products Natural Amrut (Buffalo Milk) is our main USP and we are proud to say that no other dairy but our Dairy Division supplies 100% pure buffalo milk in the market with consistent quality which is highly appreciated by our customers.

By putting enormous efforts to develop Dairy culture & its discipline, we are able to collect milk from around 276 milk collection centre and 216 villages in our region. In order to maintain the quality and freshness milk, we made it compulsory to collect the milk two times a day i.e. morning & evening collection separately. Also, we have maintained strict discipline in order to avoid adulteration in any form. Every can of milk is tasted at collection centre as well as at dairy collection dock by standard testing instruments. In order to support poor farmers (milk suppliers), we make the payment on every 10 days, so that even a poor widow can also manage all the expenses out of this income from supply of milk.

Distribution of Milk in pouch packing and by-products is done through highly efficient dealer network. All varieties of products are marketed and sold in three States i.e. Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and in 11 Districts

At present, the annual production of milk and milk products is of 165.00 lakhs ltrs valuing to Rs. 50.00 crores of sales turnover.