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Natural sugar DIVISIONS

1) Sugar DIVISION :

Natural Sugar started its 1250 TCD capacity trial season during 1999-2000 with 28” x 56” size milling Tandem, 3 MW ABB make power turbine & 40 TPH, 45 Kg/cm2 working pressure & 4400C temperature, M/s. WIL make Boiler.

Natural Sugar installed one Triveni make Turbo-set of 4.5 MW on season capacity (6 MW off-season capacity) extraction cum condensing type along with WIL make Boiler, 30 TPH capacity, was commissioned during 2003-2004.

Over the period of time, we increased cane crushing capacity 5000 TCD with installed 36” x 78” size milling tandem & one Siemens make Turbo-set of 11.4 MW on season capacity (13 MW off-season capacity) double extraction cum condensing type along with Aalborg, London make Boiler 70 TPH capacity, was commissioned during 2009-2010.

Recently, we added one more TG set to enhance our co-generation capacity (Power Generation Capacity) by installing Triveni make Turbo-set of 10 MW Back pressure type & Boilers is still in use i.e. (30 & 40 TPH) was commissioned during 2011-12.

After expansion of our sugar and co-gen division, we can crush minimum 8.00 lakhs tons of cane with an average sugar recovery of 11.50%. The annual average sugar production is 9.20 lakhs quintals, valuing to Rs. 350.00 crores of sales turnover.

2) Co-Generation DIVISION :

13 MW additional power generations in addition to exist 10 MW is installed in 2010. Out of total 23 MW power generations from co-generation plant, 8 MW is used for Sugar Plant, Distillery, Bio-gas, Dairy, Colony & other activities. 9 MW is used for Ferro Alloys Steel Plant for manufacturing of Ferro Manganese & Silico Manganese and balance 6 MW is exported to state grid as surplus power. The total annual production of Co-gen. Plant is 81000 MW for 160 days crushing period and annual turnovers of Co-gen. Plant is expected Rs. 46.50 crores.

3) Ferro Alloys (Steel) DIVISION :

We have installed two sub merged arc furnaces having capacity of 6 MVA each. The 9 MW power is consumed by both the furnaces for manufacturing of Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese from Manganese ore. Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese are the basic raw material for manufacturing of any sort of steel. The daily production capacity of Ferro Alloys (Steel) Plant is 50 to 60 MT per day. The yearly production of Ferro Alloys plant is 10,000 MT and valuing to 50.00 crores of sales turnovers.

4) Distillery DIVISION :

We have installed Distillery project to process the molasses and produce Industrial Alcohol i.e. Rectify Spirit (R.S.), Impure Spirit (I.S.), Extra Neutral Alcohol (E.N.A), and Ethanol. The production capacity of Distillery plant is 60,000 liters per day of rectified spirit and 50,000 ltrs of Ethanol. The annual production is of 90.00 lakhs ltrs and Ethanol is 45.00 lakhs ltrs total to 135.00 lakhs ltrs per year valuing to Rs. 100.00 crores of sales turnovers.

5) Bio-Gas base power DIVISION :

The Distillery effluent namely spent wash is treated in two Bio-Digesters having capacity of 45,000 M3 per day of Bio-Gas generation. The said gas is further purified with H2S separation plant and pure Methane is used for gas base power generation engine of 1.5 MW power generations. The exhaust of gas engine is used as fuel for heat recovery boiler and generated steam is used for Distillery process. At the same time balance purified Bio-gas is used as fuel for 6 MT capacities Boiler for steam generation which is used for Distillery Production. Hence the 100% recycle of Hazards waste of Distillery effluent i.e. spent wash is treated and “Zero” discharge pollution concept is 100% achieved with value addition and a strong profit centre from Hazards waste.

6) Sugar Refinery DIVISION:

We have installed most modern sugar refinery plant of 250 Tons capacity per day for manufacturing of Refined Sugar of 45 ICUMSA, which is sulphur free and 100% pure sugar as per the International Standard.

7) Bio-Compost DIVISION :

The press-mud, bi-product of sugar plant is treated with outflow of Bio-Digester i.e. treated spent wash with additions of micro nutrients and bio culture to enrich the press-mud and converted into high quality bio-compost at the Bio-Compost Plant. The average annual production is 25,000 MTs valuing to Rs. 1.25 crores of its sales turnover.

8) Dairy – Milk Processing DIVISION :

This unit is established in year 2011 and over the period of 5 years it has expanded its area of operation and variety of products exponentially. To have ancillary activities of milk production to the farmers, this division aims to support the farmers below poverty line and improve their financial condition. At present the Dairy Division has got following verities of Milk & it’s by products

Milk products by products
Natural Amrut Shrikhand (Badam Pista)
Natural Amrut Gold Amrakhand
Natural Shudha Dahi / Curd
Natural Fresh Lassi
Natural Healthy CM Ghee
BM Ghee
SMP Power

Out of Milk products Natural Amrut (Buffalo Milk) is our main USP and we are proud to say that no other dairy but our Dairy Division supplies 100% pure buffalo milk in the market with consistent quality which is highly appreciated by our customers.

By putting enormous efforts to develop Dairy culture & its discipline, we are able to collect milk from around 276 milk collection centre and 216 villages in our region. In order to maintain the quality and freshness milk, we made it compulsory to collect the milk two times a day i.e. morning & evening collection separately. Also, we have maintained strict discipline in order to avoid adulteration in any form. Every can of milk is tasted at collection centre as well as at dairy collection dock by standard testing instruments. In order to support poor farmers (milk suppliers), we make the payment on every 10 days, so that even a poor widow can also manage all the expenses out of this income from supply of milk.

Distribution of Milk in pouch packing and by-products is done through highly efficient dealer network. All varieties of products are marketed and sold in three States i.e. Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and in 11 Districts.

At present, the annual production of milk and milk products is of 165.00 lakhs ltrs valuing to Rs. 50.00 crores of sales turnover.

9) Software Division:

We have started full-fledged software division mainly for development of various types of modules for sugar and bio-products industry. The software developed by our division is well proved and accepted by many sugar factories in Maharashtra.

10) Cold Storage Division:

Due to Natural calamities in Maharashtra, since from last three years and specifically in Marathwada the sugarcane crops are affected due to low rain fall & in these circumstances the Natural Sugar has implemented scheme of shade-net to attention of agriculturists for high-tech agriculture. We have provided shade-net to 150 agriculturists on default guarantee and also installed cold storage of 4500 MT storage capacity at factory site for that the agriculturist could get fare price of their agriculture produce & Factory is taking continuous efforts for that.

The facility comprises of 3 cold chambers having each 1500 MT storage capacity with 3 floors and independent goods lift for all three cold chambers. Also, the facility includes pre-cooling and ripening rooms each having storage capacity 6 MT. The goods received are pre-cooled first between 12 to 150C and then stored in main cold chamber where the temperature is pooled down up to 10C as per the requirement of the particular material to preserve. The cold storage facility is equipped with advance & latest Technology supplied by M/s. Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd. This is the first & only multi commodity multipurpose cold storage facility established for the farmers and agriculturist in this area.

11). Solar Power DIVISION :-

To utilize the Natural resources of energy,we have also installed 604 KW solar Power project for captive use in, off season as well as to have a model of natural energy resources for new generation.

12). Natural Hand Sanitizer :-

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