(Sainager,Ranjani,Ta.Kallam, Dist.Osmanabad-413528)




  • Necessity of Natural Sugar In this area
Natural Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd., is located in a area of abundant raw material i.e. best quality sugar cane. Its operational area is within 50 kms. having 263 villages only. Due to excess cane (high yield sector) there was less demand and lower prices to this cane. Thus, no demand, no price, frustrated the farmers. All these conditions necessitated the strong will for establishment of Natural Sugar. It is located at the 100% perennial area of Manjara Dam, which is 15 kms below the dam location. The area within 30 kms is irrigated by right and left cannals of Manjara Dam, right and left bank river water and Raighavhan medium project. Hence, the availability of best quality cane is assured even in the draught condition also.

Natural Sugar is a public limited Company registered under Indian Company Act. 1956. It is the first sugar plant completed in February 2000 in a shortest span of 9 months and at the lowest cost of Rs. 20.00 crores with the strong financial support from farmer members by contributing 11.00 crores as share capital and Rs.9.00 crores as a term loan from The Vaidvanath Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Parali Vaidyanath with other urban banks in consortium.

With above activities in various fields following are our special achievements in sugar Industry for projection of environment and natural resources.

  • Environmental protection
To control water pollution of sugar plant, we have installed diffused aeration and bio-digester of advanced system technology and well supported to achieve the required the norms of the MPC Board. The treated water is used exclusively for agriculture purpose. MDH fly ash arrestor for boiler chimney, which has 100% efficiency for arresting the fly ash, prevents the air pollution. The collected ash is used to increase the porosity of Press-mud instead of Bagasse, which is resulted in saving of bagasse and value added waste as compost to the farmers.
  • Water Conservation
As the Maharashtra state is passing through a vicious cycle of water scarcity, Natural Sugar has decided to use the water available in sugar cane itself and succeeded since last 5 years to run the sugar plant with water available in sugar cane without availing water from outside sources by recycling and prohibiting miss-use of water with well planned close circuit. This reduces the effluent generation big way.
Our’s is a ISO 9001-2015 Company by the AGQR Certifications Private Limited Chennai. The ISO 9001 -2015 norms are strictly observed and implemented in day-to-day working of the Company. The implementation of ISO 9001-2015 has drastically improved the performance, the quality and efficiency of the Company.