Liquid Food Grade  CO2

The process involves several steps starting with washing the raw gas to remove water soluble organic impurities, followed by compression, deodorizing, drying and subsequent liquefaction by deep refrigeration. The liquid CO 2 is finally stripped of its low boiling point, non condensable impurities in a stripper column. The purified liquid is pumped to an insulated storage tank where it is stored as liquid at high pressure and low temperature. Liquid purity in the storage tank is around 99.9%. The sequential list of equipment used in the process is as follows : Foam trap, CO 2 Blower, water scrubber, CO 2 suction pre cooler, moisture separator, Gas compression, activated carbon towers, Gas pre-cooling, Dryer towers, Gas Liquefaction, Inert gases removal by stripping, CO 2 Re-boiler, CO 2 Sub Cooler, NOx Tower, Vent Condenser and finally refrigeration. The final production i.e. Liquid CO 2 is stored as 20  ℃

1Pressure21 kg
3Purity> 99.9% v/v