Rectified Spirit

The molasses is raw material of Rectified Spirit product, we produce Rectified Spirit as per standard IS 323-1959, purity of same product i.e. 95.5% and we sale rectified spirit for Industrial Purpose, Potable Purpose, laboratories purpose and Pharmaceuticals Purpose, we call it R.S. as a short form to the said product.

1Ethanol content % by volume at 15.6°C.95.5
2Miscibility with waterMiscible
4Acidity (as CH3COOH), mg/liter. Max.<0.002
5Residue on evaporation % by mass, Max.<0.005
6Aldehyde contents (as CH3CHO) mg/L Max.<0.006
7Copper, mg/kg max.<0.00001
8PP time30 minutes
9Methyl Alcohol, mg/liter, Max.< 0.005
10AppearanceClear and bright and free from suspended matter.
11Lead as pb<0.00001
12Ester content (CH3COOC2H5) gms /100 ml, Max.<0.02