Water Conservation Program

As the Maharashtra state is passing through a vicious cycle of water scarcity, Natural Sugar has decided to use the water available in sugar cane itself and succeeded since last 5 years to run the sugar plant with water available in sugar cane without availing water from outside sources by recycling and prohibiting miss-use of water with well planned close circuit. This reduces the effluent generation big way.

Natural Jalsandharan Yojana –

To overcome the cyclic rotation of draught, we have decided to implement the water and soil conservation schemes from our own resources. Accordingly we have provided Rs.2.5 crores out of our profit for the said scheme and every year we are completing at least 10 to 15 villages under the scheme and have a programme of complete eradication of draught form of our area of 50 villages within next 5 years.

The main schemes are Contour percolations Canal at foot level of hilly areas and gutter/ small canal deepening and widening. With this both schemes excess rain water flowing out of farm will be collected, stored and will be percolated underground and will be stored underground, which enrich heavily the underground water level permanently and utilized for drinking as well as irrigation purposes by the villagers. This is the only ultimate source to eradicate permanently the draught from Maharashtra. This is the de-centralized, most, cost effective and high result oriented scheme to be adopted and implemented by Government of Maharashtra as well as Government of India on top priority as a permanent measure to overcome the draught.